5.00 am – 9.30 pm
1, My Address, My Street, New York City, NY, USA
Photo Editing and Restoration Let us help you turn ordinary photographs into attractive, eye popping images. Through digital technology we can apply photo editing and restoration techniques to greatly enhance the quality of your old photographs, or add subtle alterations which significantly improve the appearance of your photo'ssubjects. Here is a list of just some of these techniques, and retouch services we offer:
  • Exposure corrections
  • Adjust highlights and shadows
  • Remove color casts
  • Change colors
  • Remove red eye
  • Refine skin, hair or eyes
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Fix or alter clothing
  • Restoration of old or damaged photo's
  • Enhance body shapes
  • Add or remove person or objects
  • Remove or alter (studio) background
  • Selective sharpening or blurring
  • Add motion or depth effects
  • Glamorize
  • Add text captions
  • Add digital picture frames
  • Basic photo editing as requesting